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Monday, August 20, 2007

NYSE EURONEXT NEWS FROM EUROPE :Translated from Het Financieele Dagblad Amsterdam

from The Financial Daily Amsterdam

European grants have been higher closed the first trade day of new week. The indices stood the complete day already on profit, but matter after opening of Wall Street slightly. The American indices really are not able choose direction. The positive poll in Europe was already used Friday then the American central bank the discount shop foot reduced against which banks and other financiele can institutions lend money at the Fed. Also Azie could profit of this sentiment and booked firm profits. In America it is now speculated on a fall of the Fed Funds Rate, the most important interest tariff against which banks can lend money. With respect to the European interest, it is speculated there on a stabilisation of the interest tariff. Where economen assumed firstly an interest increase later this year by the ecb, they go there now from that the interest is maintained on the current 4%. Steuntje in the back were an optimistic report of Lehman Brothers concerning the financiele sector. Strategists of the matter bank raised the recommendation for the bank sector of underweight to overweight, whereas the overweight recommendation for the insurance line was repeated. The recent attribute fall of the bank shares is not according to Lehman Brothers to a modification of the fundamental values of the banks. The interest decision of the Fed of last Friday does the hope revive that the worldwide economic growth continues continue. Here my construction companies and other raw material suppliers profit of. BHP billiton won 3.9%, Rio Tinto went 3.25% more higher and Anglo American lane 2.7%. THE DJ Stoxx 50 stood at the lock 0.4% more higher on 3,658.19 points. Also national grants won area. THE AEX ran into the indices with a profit of 1.1% on 504.57 points, the FTSE 100 wrote 0.2% at, CAC40 0.7% whereas the DAX won 0.4%. Within the AEX Hagemeyer with a plus of 6.3% by far the largest winnnaar were. The share, which stood last Friday considerably under busy after it did not let be possible be open for adoptions, showed with that convalescence. The share was further helped by a recommendation increase of Rabo Securities of reduce to run. steel company Arcelor Mittal finished place on the Second with a plus of 3.25% on EUR 41.27, further won Univar in Amsterdam 5.9% up to EUR 51.75 on the officiele biedingsbericht of Ulysses, investeringsvehikel of investment society CVC Capital partners. The take-over bid of EUR 53.50 in cash was already announced on 9 July. Telecombedrijf KPN takes over definitively the Belgian activities of Versatel and Tele2 for approximately EUR 95 millions in cash. KPN confirmed previous week already hold conversations with Tele2/Versatel Belgium concerning a possible adoption. Petercam the recommendation for the share has reduced KPN of buy to run. The share won 0.7% up to EUR 11.55. The Nasdaq stock Market will examine the alternatives to sell Exchange (LSE) its share importance in London to stock. Nasdaq have an importance of 31% in LSE, or 61.3 million shares. According to the concern the current share price of LSE is no ' adequate reflection ' of the value of its importance in London grant. The proportion of LSE won 2.3%.

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